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Our Team


Sinem Bahadirli

Personal, Career & Leadership Coach / Ex - Googler

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After graduating from Robert College, she continued her education in Koc University, majoring in Economics and Business Administration, followed by International Marketing MSc degree in King's College, London. She began her professional career in Google, Ireland. From customer experience to sales, she worked in different roles and managed various projects for Google's digital marketing and advertising products, mainly in the UK, Ireland and Turkey.

Her interest in people steered her towards exploring positive psychology and coaching.  She completed her coaching degree in Kingstown College and received Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. 

During her time in Google, she designed mentoring programs, worked in building the coaching culture in EMEA sales organisation and mentored Irish startups. After leaving Google, she founded Positive Coaching Center, offering coaching, mentoring and training services for professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses. Sinem is also a certified Designing Your Life coach and Insights Discovery facilitator. 


Kerem Uzer

Co-Active Coach / Human Resources Specialist

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Kerem graduated from Sabancı University’s School of Management. His interest in marketing during his school years was followed by several marketing and business development roles in different companies of Sabancı Group in Turkey, such as Brisa, Kordsa and lastly Sabanci Holding Turkey for 7 years. 

His commitment to support people and his strength in communication encouraged him to join CTI’s Co-Active Coaching program in 2018. His first coaching session deeply influenced him. He describes this “intro to coaching” phase of his life as one of the peak moments of his human experience.


After completing his coaching program, to accommodate more “human touch” experience in his work life, he made a move in his corporate career from Marketing to Human Resources. His confidence in the coaching process and belief in people development fuel him to deliver coaching sessions on the side of his Human Resources role in Sabanci Holding.

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